Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bush: He Is Still Learning

12.7.05 - Without even realizing it, President Bush today revealed what little consideration his administration had given to the Iraq war's outcome before he decided to invade that country.

In his speech, the President said the following: "Over the course of this war, we have learned that winning the battle for Iraqi cities is only the first step...we also have to win the battle after the battle by helping Iraqis consolidate their gains and keep the terrorists from returning."

The problem with this statement is "Over the course of this war..." You mean to tell us, Mr. President, that you had to learn about the lingering fighting AFTER you had launched the war? Why didn't we learn this BEFORE we ever sent thousands of our troops to die there for an indefinite period of time?

Should we not have known that the battle would continue for years and planned for it prior to commiting ourselves to this unwinnable war? Shouldn't Bush have told the American people he still had to learn some lessons and make plans while the war would be going on?

If he had, and the American people had been told the President did not know the implications of his invasion, the people's support for his war would not have been as substantial as it was.

Will someone please make this man go away?