Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sex: Heidi Fleiss Wants to Cater to Female Johns

11.30.05 - Heidi Fleiss, the notorious "Hollywood Madame," announced that she is going to open a Nevada whorehouse that serves...women. Dubbing her new enterprise "The Stud Farm," Fleiss plans to provide female customers with male whores to serve the women's special needs.

Does anyone believe that the Stud Farm's customer will be female? How many women do you know who will actually pay for anonymous sex? They could get all the sex they want for free! True, some unattractive, old women may find the concept appealing, I doubt the Fleiss' new endeavor will generate enough profit to survive.

Unless you consider who the real customers are going to be. The same ones who purchase Playgirl magazine for its images of studs:
Men. Gay men.

So, if you're a man who considers joining Heidi Fleiss' stable of man-whores, don't have any illusions of servicing women and getting paid for it.

Think man-ass.