Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crime: Protect Our Children!

12.1.05 - A convicted child molester was arrested yersterday in a Los Angeles suburb after assaulting a 7-year-old girl in October and a 6-year-old girl in 2001. This monster had already served time in prison for snatching and raping a teenage girl several years ago. He was picked up at his 95-year-old mother's house, a couple of blocks away from a middle school.

What is wrong with our justice system? It seems that justice only applies to perpetrators—not to potential victims.

Molesting children is a serious disease for which there is no known cure. When a sicko acts on his urges to commit one of society's greatest taboos he is clearly out of control.

What business do we have releasing such mostrosity into our free society again? Did you know that landlords cannot deny housing to known sex offenders, due to questionable laws that seek to protect these animals? What about the rights of the other tenants and neighbors who are faced with exposing their children to this grave danger?

To those who claim that criminals should be given the opportunity to rehabilitate, I say: tell that to the girls who have forever lost their innocence and whose lives had been shattered.

You do not allow a wolf to get near innocent sheep. It doesn't work.

These crimes are allowed to continue and our children continue to be threatened. We must take action to keep child predators in prison, castarate them, then throw away the key.

Evil cannot be tamed. Nor can it be rehabilitated.