Friday, November 18, 2005

Smoking: The Assault Continues

11.18.05 - As if the campaign to drive cigarette smokers to the fringe weren't enough, now 32 Attorney Generals are asking movie studios to add anti-smoking messages to upcoming DVD releases featuring smoking in repsonse to new research showing that movie actors' smoking spurs youth to light up.

Does this remind you of another case in which some people blame society's ills on pop culture? How about those who claim, with no solid evidence, that playing violent video games leads youngsters to commit violent crimes?

This is another attempt by a self-righteous few to dictate what we should and shouldn't do. Smoking in movies is not glamourized; it is used to portray a character. Youth imitate many behaviors they see in film and on TV. Does that mean we should let that affect scripts and screenplays and limit writers' imagination?

We don't need warning labels on every product we consume. We need common sense and an open mind.